4 March - 13 May 2023

Sonia Boyce

The Disorderly

26 November 2022 - 19 February 2023

Strange Attractors
The Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Art
Vol. 3: Lost In Space

Organised by Bob Nickas
David Adamo — Yuji Agematsu — Barry X Ball — Huma Bhabha — Ryan Foerster
Jason Fox — Tillman Kaiser — Arnold J. Kemp — L — Servane Mary — Justin Matherly
John Miller — Christopher Myers — Nikholis Planck — Nicolas Roggy — Sally Ross
Kathleen Ryan — Davina Semo — TARWUK — Gert & Uwe Tobias — Frederick Weston

21 May - 13 November 2022

Raúl De Nieves

Betwixt the Hands of Time

26 February - 7 May 2022


Curated by Jérôme Sans
:mentalKLINIK, Joël Andrianomearisoa, Andreas Angelidakis, Romain Bernini, Thomas Lélu, Lin Zhipeng (No.223) and Luna Paiva

20 November 2021 - 5 February 2022

Augustas Serapinas

Summer in Rūdninkai

8 October - 13 November 2021

Ibrahim Mahama

As the void, vali and voli

From 4 June to 2 October 2021

Nathalie Du Pasquier

Il treno per Brescia viaggia con 5 minuti di ritardo

from 4 June to 15 July 2021

Nathlie Provosty

All Rainbows in a Brainstem

from 15 December 2020 to 5 March 2021

Filippo Bisagni | James Hillman | Giulia Mangoni | Sergio Sarra

curated by Mirta d'Argenzio


From 12 March to 25 April 2021

Romana Loda e l'arte delle donne

curated by Raffaella Perna

from 03 October to 30 November, 2020



from 08 SEPTEMBER TO 20 NOVEMBER, 2020

Jonas Mekas

Ahead, ahead we move through the stormy seas with all sails open

8 February - 30 April, 2020

Lungiswa Gqunta

from 15 November 2019 to 1 February 2020

Olivier Mosset

Ramp and Kyiv II

From Friday 21 June 2019 to Friday 18 October 2019

Luc Ming Yan

Jack-high straight flush

From 23 March to 30 April 2019

Olympia Scarry

Parallel Lines Meet At The Point of Infinity

from 5 May to 14 September

Dalila Formentini

La famiglia dei tavoli

Ann Iren Buan


January 19, 2019 - March 10, 2019

Agustas Serapinas

Waiting for another time

from October 20, 2018 to January 10, 2019

Philipp Keel

Dipinti, disegni e fotografie

from September 15 to October 15, 2018

Nathalie Du Pasquier

Uscita d'insicurezza

from 19 May to 8 September, 2018

Maxi Cohen

Ladies' Rooms Around the World

from 18 April to 15 May, 2018

Ibrahim Mahama

In Dependence

from 28 January to 14 April, 2018

Raúl de Nieves

Who Would We Be Without Our Memories?

from September 30 to 11 November, 2017

Nathlie Provosty

Life of Forms

from 20 May to 23 September, 2017

Servane Mary

Defamiliarization / Reactivation

from 10 March to 13 May, 2017

Virginia Colwell


from 10 March to 12 April, 2017

Jason Schmidt


from 11 February to 18 March, 2017

Jessi Reaves, Bradley Kronz

A Cautionary Tale

from 15 December to 25 January, 2017

Nathalie Du Pasquier

Quadri mobili e immobili

from 25 November 2016 to 25 January 2017

Varda Caivano, N. Dash, Josephine Halvorson, Chris Martin, Nathlie Provosty

A Way of Living

from 29 September to 15 November, 2016


Curated by Federica Sala


from 25 February to 10 May 2016

Ann Iren Buan, Marte Eknæs, Ane Graff, Tiril Hasselknippe, Johanne Hestvold Ane Mette Hol, Marianne Hurum, Toril Johannessen

Form Matters, Matter Forms

from 20 May to 9 September, 2016

em'kal eyongakpa

beats/bits of(f) sPACE(s) letters from etokobarek 1-i

from 18 March to 10 May, 2016

Jonas Mekas

Curated by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi

All These Images, These Sounds

from 12 December 2015 to 14 February, 2016

Sonia Boyce and Ain Bailey

Oh Adelaide

from 20 November to 5 December, 2015

Charlie Billingham, Giulio Delvè, Douglas Gordon, Natalie Häusler, Christina Mackie, Pentti Monkkonen, Niels Trannois

Curated by Gigiotto del Vecchio

Nobody Home...

from 25 September to 14 November, 2015


curated by Osei Bonsu


from 29 April to 15 September, 2015

Alexandra Sukhareva, Chiara Fumai, Susan MacWilliam, Doctor Wolfgang Hauptman, Shifra Kazhdan, Florian Aschka and Larissa Kopp

A rose has teeth in the mouth of the beast

from 7 February to 31 March, 2015

Franco Albini, Anton Alvarez, Michael Anastasiades, Marjan Van Aubel & James Shaw, Melchiorre Bega, Josh Bitelli, Augusto Bozzi, Sarah Colson, Marina Dragomirova & Iain Howlett, Marina Dragomirova, Maurizio Donzelli, Alberti Reggio Eugenia, Paolo Gonzato, Gori, Rachel Harding, Jochen Holz, Hilda Helstrom, Handmade Industrials, Charlotte Kingsnorth, Manifattura Italiana Of XX Century, Odd Matter, Giulio Moscatelli, Nucleo, Giuseppe Pagano, Ico Parisi, Fredrik Paulsen, Giò Ponti, Rima, Gigi Radice, Tobia Scarpa, James Shaw, James Shaw & Nic Gardner, Charles Siclis, Stilux, Barovier & Toso, James Thompson, Gigi Radice, Will Shannon, Simon Klenell, Silo Studio, Kim Thome, Marc Troterau, Bethan Laura Wood, Pia Wustenberg


from 11 October to 15 November, 2014

Servane Mary, Virginia Overton, Olivier Mosset


from 23 May to 15 September, 2014

Marta Pierobon


from 12 April to 17 May, 2014

Chiara Fumai

With Love from $inister

from 15 December to 15 March, 2014

Edson Chagas

Edson Chagas

from 12 October to 7 December, 2013

Giorgio Ciam

Sulla pelle

from 9 May to 15 September, 2013

Darren Almond, Will Benedict, Primoz Bizjak, Edson Chagas, Isabelle Cornaro, Marte Eknæs, Andrea Longacre-White, Anri Sala, Nico Vascellari


from 7 March to 27 April, 2013

Brendan Fowler, Paolo Gonzato

Walls at APALAZZOGALLERY - L’isola delle rose

from 29 September to 30 November, 2012

Eli Hansen & The Reader, Alan Reid

Ain’t quite right - The Chameleon

from 31 May to 15 September, 2012

Philippe Malouin, Orsina Sforza

Philippe Malouin, Orsina Sforza

from 2 April to 19 May, 2012

Maurizio Anzeri, John Bock, Dr. Lakra, Lothan Hempel, Jamie Isenstein, Alan Reid, Markus Schinwald, John Stezaker, Sue Thompkins, Ryan Trecartin, Vedovamazzei, Francesco Vezzoli

Make up

from 15 December 2011 to 11 March, 2012

Benny Chirco

Metodo Moderno

from 24 September to 3 December, 2011

Isabelle Cornaro Nikolas Gambaroff Oscar Tuazon And Elias Hansen

Isabelle Cornaro Nikolas Gambaroff Oscar Tuazon And Elias Hansen

from 28 May to 13 September, 2011


One too many, 15 years later

from 6 April to 20 May, 2011

Marta Pierobon


from 11 February to 31 March, 2011

Mark Leckey, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Gillian Carnegie, Enrico David, Simon Thompson, JD Williams, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Lucy McKenzie, Chris and Cosey

120 Day Volume part. I and part. II

part. I from 27 May to 22 December, 2010 - part. II from 02 December to 20 May, 2010

Marta Dell’Angelo, Anver Ben Gal, David Korty, Cary Kwok, Victoria Morton, Djorje Ozbolt, Simon Periton, Marta Pierobon, Wilfredo Prieto, Joanne Robertson, Mika Rottenberg, Lara Schnitger


from 29 May to 13 September, 2009

John Stezaker

Mask and Shadow

from 13 December to 15 February, 2009

Dan Colen & Nate Lowman

Wet Pain

from 29 September to 29 November, 2008